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Best Home Base Business Opportunity Articles

New Chapter Marketing SuperCharges Home-Based Businesses with 'Instant Wellness' Product

By: Laura King
World's first 'instant wellness' product is poised to disrupt both the junk food and food supplements market. Launch planned for October 21, 2005 will focus on weight loss, immune system supprt, energy and basic nutrition. (PRWEB) October 1, 2005 -- World's first "instant wellness" product is poised to disrupt both the junk food and food supplements markets. Launch slated for October 21, 2005 will focus on weight loss, immune system support, energy and basic nutrition. AGEL, a Salt Lake City-based gelceutical manufacturer, will launch the world's first “instant wellness” product line on October 21, 2005. Designed to be the healthy alternative to junk food, but just as good tasting and convenient, the initial launch will comprise four specific functional food products that can be taken together or in isolation depending on lifestyle or health need: - AGEL MIN (basic nutritional supplement) - AGEL OHM (energy boosting supplement for athletes and other active people) - AGEL FIT (a weight loss product that uses no harmful stimulants), and - AGEL EXO (an immune system support supplement to fight and prevent disease) New Chapter Marketing, a major AGEL distributor, has formed a strategic partnership with Home Biz Ops, an independent research and marketing firm that offers free advice on home-based business issues and technology as well as several fee-based services, to bolster the AGEL launch with its proprietary "Home-Based Business SuperCharger," a search engine marketing tool that migrates virtually all sales from pushy, in-your-face tactics, to a pull strategy that automatically pre-qualifies interested prospects from around the world via the Internet. "We are excited to be working with because traditionally home-based business opportunities have been limited to grassroots sales tactics which were often 'pushy' and alienating to one's friends and family," said Laura King, President of New Chapter Marketing. "With our new partnership, we can now ween ourselves off this dependency and make our entire distributorship network infinitely scaleable and at the same time, much more exciting to our recruits," she added. "With Home-Biz-Ops' Marketing SuperCharger in our arsenal, the revenue opportunities are virtually limitless to our entire network. I believe this is the single most significant innovation to hit home-based business since the advent of the Internet itself. And together, with Agel's disruptive product line, we are creating a new paradigm in home-based opportunities that will forever change the landscape of small business," King continued. To learn more about AGEL Distributorship, call Laura King at 512-423-5573. To learn more about Home Biz Ops, go to

Article Courtesy of International Success and The Profit Expert